Your Transformation

Our Guidance
Our Core Values

Midaero Philosophy

At Midaero we believe that trust is a must, collaboration is fun, and integrity is the foundation of successful long term partnerships

Keep it Simple

Our Methodology

Systems that are valued by everyone are systems that are accessible, and that means they need to be as simple as possible, but no simpler

The Next Steps

Our Approach

We specialise in Quality Management Systems, Lean Management Systems and process driven improvement, built on transferable knowledge


We are a fusion of business improvement specialists, aerospace auditors, and organisational psychologists. We share a systematic approach to change management, with a focus on Purpose, People and Processes.

It is not as hard as you may think.

Change is always a difficult journey, but it does get easier as your confidence builds.

Yes, it is really difficult to start, and yes, at times it is hard to keep going, but with our guidance you will soon find your feet, and you’ll arrive at your destination on time. You’ll soon notice that things are much better and it was worth all that hard work.

We would really enjoy hearing from you, and would love the opportunity to talk about your change management projects.

Quality Systems

Our AIQG Approved Aerospace Experienced Auditors are on hand to help you understand all aspects of Quality Systems. Whether you have a straight forward ISO9001 requirement or more complex AS9100, 9110, or 9120 needs we can help.

Continuous Improvement

Our Managing Partners have a background in Continuous Improvement working with Goodrich, United Technologies and eventually designing the operating system for Moog Industrial Group. We know it’s all about identifying and correcting problems.

Training & Development

we are approved training providers for the British Standards Institute and deliver training in Aerospace Systems, Auditing, Problem Solving and Technical Compliance. We also offer bespoke training programs for Quality, Continuous Improvement and Leadership Development.

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