Getting started in the aerospace industry is hardly rocket science πŸš€

Midaero is committed to helping small businesses affordably access the most profitable international supply chains in the aerospace industry.

To further that aim, over the next 12 months, the Midaero team has committed to assist 20 manufacturers to achieve the AS9100 certification by reducing costs to showcase the potential within UK plc.

πŸ”‘ Gain access to a UK Β£79bn industry sector with AS9100 certification

πŸ† Complete your certification at vastly reduced costs

🀝 Be one of TWO manufacturers to WIN a fully funded AS9100 certification programme

Join the next wave of British innovation

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β€œWe didn’t expect the transition to the aerospace sector to be so smooth and simple. The Midaero team managed the entire process for us, from booking the audits, to finally hosting the audits with us. Also, their in person, and online processes are second to none.” – Darren Pemberton (Pemberton Engineering)

“This is a fantastic programme, designed to make a real difference to smaller manufacturers and open up opportunities for them to take part in a growth industry.”

Mike Beirns, Aerospace UP, Project Lead, Midland Aerospace Alliance

β€œAs we enter a period of intense innovation towards greener flight, we welcome Midaero’s efforts to make AS9100 requirements easier for the smaller businesses within the UK supply chain.”

Halil Bedevi, UK Head of Aerospace, Defence, Rail & Advanced Manufacturing, Santander UK plc

Don't miss the next wave of British innovation and invention? πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Join other certified aerospace suppliers to help drive innovation, satisfy global demand, and attract further investment from established aerospace giants such as Rolls Royce, and Airbus. As well as new entrants like Boom, Vertical, Joby, Lilium, Blue Origin, Space X, and Virgin Galaxy.

🧰  Reposition your facilities towards a growing innovative sector

πŸ‘‰Β  Join a sector consistently delivering some of the UK’s highest returns

⏰  Mitigate time to certification through Midareo’s platform

Midaero COO, and Aerospace Experienced Auditor – Anna Lavender-Moore

How to claim your AS9100 subsidies

Certification costs will be greatly reduced for those twenty businesses that qualify for the scheme and a chosen TWO will benefit from a fully funded AS9100 certification programme

  • Submit your business name and answer some very simple questions to help us understand your business goals and current status.
  • We’ll come back to you within two working days to arrange an initial introduction phone call.
  • The Midaero team will provide a swift decision whether your business is suitable for the certification process. Moreover, if approved, we get to work.

Who, What, Where, When, Why

Midaero’s purpose is to provide affordable, uncomplicated support to small businesses who want to enter the aerospace industry. Our vision is to create a globally competitive local supply chain that offers all the choice that any aircraft builder or systems integrator could wish for.


Manufacturing businesses turning over >Β£2m with some existing form of quality management in place.


Access a package of state of the art technology to help understand and close gaps in performance and compliance, at significantly reduced rates.


Initially open to manufacturing businesses in the West Midlands but soon to be available nationwide.


Twenty local manufacturers will work through AS9100 certification during these next 12 months. Beginning July 2021.


Global aerospace markets are returning to growth with nearly all attention towards greener flight.

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Our AS 9100 Alumni

The Midaero team are committed to assist 20 aerospace, space and defence related manufacturers to reach AS9100 certification during the next 12 months.


“At Brighams, we believe that certification is a great way to maintain a high standard of operation and leadership, but this comes at a high cost. Currently, we would like to explore new markets such as aerospace. Moreover, we believe that we could make a contribution to the Aerospace OEM market, in a similar vein to how we support GKN in automotive.

Alan Murray, Director at HT Brigham


“Ultimately, we can’t make an approach to prospective aerospace customers without AS9100 certification. We also see AS9100 a great improvement tool.”

Steve Clarke, MD Teepee Electrical Limited

The fruits of your labour

So, you’ve worked hard to meet the requirements of the AS9100. You’re now certified and have access to a very lucrative and global marketplace. Now what?

  • Work with the Midaero team to understand the relevant supply chain buying processes.
  • Join and enhance an established group of aerospace partners.
  • Also, get introduced to the appropriate supply chain contacts and buyers.
  • Now, win contracts via your association with our established partners.

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Submit your name, business name and answer some very simple questions to help us understand your business suitability for our AS9100 certification initiative.