Aerospace Unlocking Potential, also known as Aerospace UP is a £20M three-year project supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It aims to support companies in the Midlands to innovate within the aerospace sector, and aid recovery after the pandemic.

Chief Executive of the MAA, Dr Andrew Mair, has said, ‘This is a programme that meets a real need and fills a real gap in the UK’s Industrial Strategy to boost levels of innovation at the many firms that make up our country’s excellent regional business clusters. With the Covid-19 crisis creating major challenges for many aerospace suppliers today, Aerospace UP will help companies invest in new ideas to gain competitive advantage. Helping them win new business as the industry recovers.’

Aerospace Unlocking Potential Eligibility

Grants between £1000 and £100,000 are available over an 18 month period. They are open to businesses currently working within the aerospace or those wishing to diversify into the industry. The scheme is being run by the University of Nottingham and the MAA, and in addition to funding, eligible companies will be able to access facilities at the university.

Eligible suppliers can use the grant to fund various project types including –

Planning projects – mapping out how your business could potentially adapt to meet future market and business requirements

New Technology – business processes or systems that will help to grow your organisation, improve productivity, differentiate you from the competition or provide a competitive advantage.

Green Technology – ideas for greener technologies or products.

Efficiency – projects that can reduce the cost of manufacture or reduce lead times.

Quality & Delivery Projects – solving issues that improve customer satisfaction and could lead to growth.

New products – fixing problems in the manufacture or new products where assistance of experts might be helpful.

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