AeroXL provides an alternative solution to your AS9100 certification project.

The complexity of installing a new management system, in particular one as rigorous as AS9100 means that you probably need a consultant for support – but is this necessary? Many things need to happen to successfully implement 9100 within a business. Extensive knowledge of that business and its process is required to navigate the process effectively. The business needs to understand the requirements of the standard, the implementation and certification process. They also need to understand applicable legal and industry requirements.  Even if you use a consultant to get you through the initial phases, you still need enough understanding to successfully maintain the system when they leave. If not you end up with a dependency on consultancy and that’s not great for you.

Using Consultants

AS9100 implementation can be difficult and hiring a consultant to help navigate the process can be useful. However, AS9100 is a complicated and stringent standard. Finding a consultant with experience of the industry and the standard itself can be difficult. When businesses do find good consultancy, it can be difficult to access at the right time. Good consultants are busy, and they can only be in one place at any one time.

For SMEs it can be a problem to even find a good consultant at a price that is affordable. Consultants can cost thousands per day which is not palatable to many businesses. Some consultants will provide an overall project cost, but many others will charge daily rates that quickly mount up. This can add thousands of pounds to the overall cost of implementing AS9100.

As well as adding costs to a project, some consultants will use rigid templates and tools regardless of whether they are appropriate to that business. Often, they will try to impose their way of working instead of understanding the individual business requirements. Good consultants will start work by overlaying the standard onto the business practices, not shoehorning the standard into the business.

Often, a business will abdicate accountability for their AS9100 project to their consultant, meaning the organisation misses the opportunity to gain a depth of knowledge of their Aerospace Quality Management System, which means that once their system is certified they feel uncomfortable managing it. This creates a dependency on consultants to maintain the system in perpetuity. Businesses can spend large sums of money on consultancy and at the end own nothing. They have no independence, no training material, and no tools to work with.

We already know going it alone on the journey to AS9100 certification is difficult and time consuming. Finding out how to implement a AS9100 compliant system consumes resources and is non-value added. When a business wants to move into a new market, or when certification to 9100 is a customer requirement, organisations don’t have time to waste – they need information and tools quickly. 

The AeroXL Alternative

In many cases businesses don’t even know what they need to know. The first step is understanding where the gaps are and what needs to change.

AeroXL is a digital platform designed to give easier access to aerospace, defence, and space sectors, by preparing you for certification to AS9100. A platform that assesses gaps in knowledge and business processes and prioritises actions. Not only that, but it also offers resources like training, templates, and tools. 

AeroXL is accessible at any time, night or day. Its cost effective, and autonomous, and it allows expertise to be in an almost infinite number of global locations at the same time. There is no wasted time trying to find different experts for different subjects, or to source training documents, procedures or information. Everything is available in one place and linked back to gaps in the business management system.

AeroXL gives instant feedback based on the assessment each individual business completes, meaning the content is tailored to your needs. Not only does it let you see where the gaps in your current system lie. It provides the training, documents and know-how necessary to make changes and start your journey to AS9100 certification. 


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