We are committed to digitising AS9100 consultancy as part of the continued recovery of the Aerospace Industry and its supply chains. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested commercial aerospace. As lockdowns begin to ease and international travel starts to make a comeback. Aerospace businesses are considering how they will bounce back and take advantage of the economic recovery.

The impact of the pandemic has caused the acceleration of existing business trends. Businesses need to understand how a digital transformation will provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Swing Towards Remote Working

Businesses realised that they needed to embrace flexible and remote working for work to continue during lockdown. Aerospace and defence organisations were no different. Many are now seeing the benefits of this flexibility, despite preferring traditional models in the past.

This new way of working has proved itself as an effective and efficient means of operation. It ­­­streamlines processes and empowers employees with trust. Good platforms can also help businesses to manage knowledge and best practices so they can be provided to the right people at the right time.

Keep Moving, Keep Digitising AS9100

Whilst the pandemic can be thanked for turning digital transformation ideas into a reality in a matter of months, it is a perfect time for organisations to keep moving forward – including those wanting to get into aerospace, space and defence in the future. We expect that the aviation industry will recover faster than anticipated, driven by the availability of vaccines, fiscal stimulus and monetary easing. This will create further opportunities in local supply. Although 2021 is going to be challenging, major airlines will weather the crisis, mainly due to government supports. It is imperative that the industry continues to build local capacity. AeroXL gives you the opportunity to enter the aerospace industry easily and without the burdens of total reliance on Consultancy.

Businesses can guarantee improved flexibility, efficiency and streamlined processes in a variety of areas, including compliance, by embracing the right digital platforms.

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