The greatest benefit of AS9100 seems to be missing from most blogs about the standard. This simple to understand benefit should be number one on every list. This may seem a little cynical, but no-one ever (NO-ONE EVER!) calls me and asks if I can help them get AS9100 for its extended benefits to their efficiency or process control. They all want the single greatest benefit of AS9100.

Greatest Benefit of AS9100

When potential clients call me up to enquire about AS9100, AS9110, or AS9120, depending on their current market pressures, they ask a slight variation of one of the following three questions,

  • Our customer says we need AS9100 can you help?
  • Our potential customer says we need AS9100 before we can trade with them.
    Can you help?
  • We would like to enter the ADS industry as a supplier. We know we need AS9100, can you help?

Personally, I can’t think of any other reasons to do it. AS9100 is an expensive certification programme if it isn’t linked directly to preservation or expansion of market share. The greatest benefit of AS9100 is that it provides your entrance ticket to the aerospace, defence and space (ADS) sectors of the aerospace industry. You just can’t trade, or you can’t trade for long without it.

Other Benefits

AS9100 may well offer you some great bonuses such as improved decision making, increased efficiency, improved supplier relationships, and reduced risks. There are far more cost-effective alternatives to do all of these things without becoming tied to year-on-year certification costs, if you don’t specifically need to. If you would like to discuss such alternatives give me a ring and I’ll be happy to have a chat.

So right now, if you are thinking about it, I’d argue that this is a great time to move into the ADS arena. Space is seeing rapid expansion, military technology spend is due to increase, and aerospace is seeing some interesting changes. If you have any questions. Give me a ring and I’d be happy to talk about the possibilities.

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