Moog is a global designer and manufacturer of motion and fluid controls and control systems for applications in aerospace, defence, industrial and medical devices. The company operates under four segments: aircraft controls, space and defence controls, industrial controls, and components.

Midaero and Moog have a relationship stretching back for a decade.

The Problem

Moog are no strangers to innovation, improvement and lean manufacturing, but it found that improvement was driven by isolated groups of people working together to make things better. Although, this is a great strength, Moog’s leadership thought that linking these groups, and aligning their efforts with the company’s goals would accelerate improvement, and take the industrial group to the next level.

The gap was no systematic approach to improvement.

The Solution

Using our combined expertise in lean management. We helped Moog define and create a management system that revolved around their unique, and proud value system. This system involved setting a purpose, and engaging people to improve processes in alignment with it.

We ran a series of workshops with leadership and focus groups to establish a project plan, and went about building a highly visual management system with fully documenting training packs for all of its elements.

To ensure rollout was smooth and measured, we developed an assessment system for the lean management system that could be used to help managers understand their position, and to prompt them to take the next steps in improvement.

All of these executables linked together to offer the group a standard approach to improvement.

The Result

A structured approach to global lean management across the group. Driving improvement that is connected to group and business unit objectives.

More independence, without the necessity to re-engage with consultants every time the group feels the need to train existing or new staff.

What happened next?

The next steps are to deploy the lean management system globally, and add yet more improvements to an already impressive manufacturing group.

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