Vertical Aerospace is a British aerospace manufacturer based in Bristol, England that designs and builds zero carbon, electrically powered vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. We are expecting type certification to be granted in 2024, when the first passenger flights will commence.

The Problem

Prior to Vertical Aerospace Engineering being a part of Vertical Aerospace it was called MGI. Initially we worked with MGI Consultancy, which was a F1 design studio owned by motorsport engineering supremo, Mike Gascoyne. Mike contacted us via our friends at BSI, to advise him on gaining aerospace certification.

MGI was preparing to launch a design project and needed AS9100 certification to meet customer requirements, but did not have quality management system experience in the aerospace industry.

Later, MGI became the design team of Vertical Aerospace and rebranded as Vertical Aerospace Engineering.

The Solution

We worked with Mike and his team to understand their specific needs, and to identify their customer’s requirements. Vertical Engineering’s requirements where rather unique. They had no manufacturing capability, and the focus was all around the design requirements of AS9100, in clause 8.3.

After a thorough scoping activity, we launched into procedural design, and setup very simple records management for the system. Our stage 1 audit was ready within a month of the project commencement. The velocity of the customer project meant that we needed to have a certified system within three months. A challenge we accepted.

We provided specialist training to help the team learn how to use the quality management system, and to know how to maintain it for themselves. The stage 1 audit was a breeze, and BSI recommended Vertical Engineering for its stage 2 audit.

At the end of the third month we had a full set of design records that met the requirements of the standard, and coupled with strong performance in internal audits, and good management reviews. We went ahead with the stage 2 audit.

The Result

Mike and the team showed unequivocally that they had taken in the training that had been provided, and with minimal input from our team successfully certified their quality management system.

We have worked with Vertical for nearly four years now providing awareness training and audit support as the team has grown. Its been a real pleasure working with Mike and the team at Vertical, they are a remarkable set of designers, and our industry should be very proud to have them.

What happened next?

Now, Vertical Engineering is about to go through its three year recertification audit with our friends at BSI. To date they have received no minor or major non-conformances in any of their three BSI audits.

As a result of the work we have done with Vertical Engineering, their parent company Vertical Aerospace asked us to help them prepare for their certification. Vertical is a special company on an incredible mission, and it’s great to be apart of such a fantastic leap in technology in our industry.

We continue to offer systems advice, training, and audit support to both Vertical sites, and thank them for allowing us to be involved.

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