Midaero are seeking an experienced application designer to help deliver our digital strategy. Midaero are a Midlands based management consultancy, focusing on aerospace quality management, and operating with global reach. 

This new opportunity will cover a specific digitisation project, developing a Business Improvement Platform for our aerospace, defence and space customers. The project will run from 4th April 2022 through to 30th September 2022. Although, the support element of this project will run past the development phase, and will be quoted separately, after 30thSeptember 2022.

We are looking for a small team or individual, who are proactive, team players, and have the personal motivation to perform to the highest standards. You will be working remotely alongside our inhouse team.

We would prefer applications from businesses within 25 miles of Wolverhampton, as this is a detailed project that will require integration with our content management team, and we wish to develop a long term in person relationship with the developer.

If you would like to quote. In the first instance please contact media@midaero.co.uk before 1st April 2022.

Project Accountabilities

  • Create marketing site,
  • Design UI & UX,
  • Develop risk algorithms,
  • Develop a content serving platform,
  • Provide users with ability to build user groups,
  • Provide project launch, and testing processes,
  • Provide scalability as userbase increases, and
  • Provide technical support for users.

Project Competence Requirements

  • Demonstrable experience of building web applications,
  • Demonstrable experience of building marketing websites,
  • Demonstrable experience of producing content management systems,
  • A team with capability and capacity to provide long-term user support, and
  • An understanding of high value manufacturing would be an advantage.